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Lynx™ is an All-Inclusive Software Solution for Student Transportation Management

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Lynx is an advanced student busing transportation management software system that makes it remarkably easy to efficiently utilize personnel and equipment for large and small transportation departments.

Lynx is an all-in-one solution for large and small transportation departments.
A few of the great benefits of using Lynx Transportation:

  • Affordable! A top company goal is to help schools put more money in classrooms by offering affordable, all-inclusive transportation management software. Contact us to learn more about pricing on the version of Lynx that is right for you and available discounts for your organization.
  • Streamlines functions of the Transportation Department in one easy-to-use program.
  • Simple enough for everyone to use, whether new to student transportation or accustomed to other management systems.
  • Outstanding customer service. We are dedicated to providing individualized service that fits the needs of each client, including adapting technology in a way that helps save time and money.
  • Bus scheduling is made simple due to built-in flexibility that caters to your student transportation department.
  • Student safety is a top consideration.
  • Interfaces with virtually every type of school information system (SIS).
  • Twenty-plus map source options for up-to-date maps of your area.
  • Makes GPS tracking of your bus fleet easy.
  • Lynx-to-Go provides handy global web access for principals, teachers, parents, drivers and other school staff.
  • Advanced data analytics for vehicle usage, students and routes.

Real Solutions with Impact

Simple to use

The features built into the Lynx software program are advanced and yet its number one value is that it is simple to use! Lynx™ student transportation software is simple to use because it was designed with the user in mind!

Advanced routing features

The advanced routing features in Lynx software make routing incredibly easy. Simply select students’ names and drop them into a route. It’s easy to schedule any student for any route at any time. Lynx also saves on fuel costs and time by optimizing bus stops.

Generates Critical Reports

Lynx makes it practically effortless to generate critical reports in order to comply with transportation regulations and requirements. Every type of reporting needed to efficiently run your operation is provided in Lynx student transportation software. It’s also easy to access the information in your database to produce all of your necessary reports.

Lynx Advanced Query Manager

The Lynx Advanced Query Manager gives users unprecedented access to all of the data within the Lynx student transportation database.  Use it to create reports, edit massive amounts of data in short periods, export any data in the database and clean up data quickly.  Lynx Advanced Query Manager is a tool that empowers users and can save countless hours of work.

Quick Access to Vital Information

Lynx student transportation software makes it simple to quickly access any of the data you may need, using a standard interface. For example, because of the way Lynx software was designed, it is easy to track information associated with special needs students.

Live Online Technical Support – Great Customer Service

We install the set-up and/or train you on Lynx. Our technicians can also go online and watch on your computers, to provide the technical support you need. We consistently get great customer feedback about our service and online technical support for Lynx Transportation Software.

Accurate mapping

Lynx uses over 20 map data vendors and allows you to edit and update your own maps. We can even print large wall maps for your organization.

Reliable and Comprehensive

Lynx and NASA use the same data handling technology, which is an assurance that your data is secure, whether you access the software program with one or with 1,000 computers. All information needed for you to run your organization efficiently while satisfying requirements, regulations and budgets is included in this comprehensive software.

Management at a Glance

With Lynx, it is simple to view any route, along with scheduled stops. With color coding and import data from other programs, identifying key stops is easy. Any type of report you may need is rarely more than two clicks away.

All the components you need to efficiently run your Transportation Department

How simple is transportation management with Lynx Transportation Solutions?

The following are some components of student transportation software made easy with Lynx:

  • Routing
  • Students
  • Field Trips
  • Buses and Maintenance
  • Employee Management
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Boundary Planning and Redistricting


Contact us today at Lynx™ Transportation Solutions for details on discounts that apply to your organization and to learn about the version of Lynx that is right for you. Lynx is an affordable, advanced student transportation software system.

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