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Lynx adapts to you, giving you control over your routing data. You decide what to name your routes, when your routes will operate, and which fields are visible. It’s also easy to drag and drop the names of the students onto any of your bus routes. See more information on Routing Features.


Lynx transportation software makes it easy to assign students to routes and keep track of the students as well as any special circumstances they may have.  Critical information for each student is readily accessible, such as allergies, medical concerns, special needs, and custody information. The following is more about the ease of using Lynx in all matters concerning students:

  • Drag and drop the names of students you want to route. One student can be assigned to infinite routes so that custody issues, day-cares, vo-tech schools, shuttles, and even field trips are easy to route.  It really is that simple. Any student, any route, any time!
  • Lynx automatically synchronizes with virtually every type of student information system (SIS) to ensure that the Transportation Department has the same information as the schools.
  • Lynx provides quick access to critical student information such as phone numbers, parent information, medical alerts, routes, route times, home location, etc.
  • Student contacts are easy to manage, including parents, guardians, babysitters, and emergency contacts.
  • Reminders related to students are easy to manage, such as a child’s vacation schedule.
  • Student disciple infractions can be tracked and easily customized to your student discipline form.
  • Ridership for state and federal funding can be easily tracked to generate monthly MIPS reports with correct information.
Field Trips

Lynx student transportation software even simplifies the handling of all matters related to field trips. Here are some of the ways Lynx makes dealing with field trips easy:

  • You can see how field trips correlate with routes and whether any additional coverage is needed.
  • A variety of reports can be printed for drivers, including directions, trip tickets, and an overview list showing any desired date range.
  • View which trips still need to be assigned and just as quickly make a daily check to make sure each trip is covered.
  • Bills can easily be created based on driver time, mileage, flat rate, and additional costs for meals, hotels, etc.
  • Invoices for customers can be printed with one click.
Buses and Maintenance

Keeping up with buses and bus maintenance is another task that is made much easier. With the reports available in Lynx it is easy to keep up with vehicle depreciation, inventory, open work orders, inspection reports, equipment specifications, cost per bus, scheduled services due dates, and more.

Drivers / Employee Management

Lynx makes it easy to handle employee management issues. Lynx will help with questions such as which driver is due for training, when drivers’ CPR certifications expire, and who is available for evening field trips. Here are a few examples of how Lynx makes driver / employee management easier:

  • Track important driver data such as hire and termination dates, payroll information, and certifications such as CPR, First Aid, TSA Clearance, license expiration, and annual training.
  • Lynx allows you to set reminders so that you are alerted when important dates are due.
  • Lynx software can quickly provide driver utilization statistics.
  • Issues such as driver absenteeism, driver availability, and managing driver assistants are all made easier with Lynx student transportation software.
Fuel Tracking

It’s important to track fuel, in order to prevent possible theft. Lynx simplifies the process of ensuring that the fuel always goes to buses. You can quickly check to see which buses get the most miles per gallon. More fuel tracking benefits that you get with Lynx software follow:

  • Fuel tracking can be used with on-site and off-site fueling.
  • Find out instantly what the average MPG is for buses.
  • Discover inconsistency in fuel usage, to prevent theft.
  • Use your fuel data and MPG to help make decisions when replacing or repairing buses.
  • Easily balance your bill to actual usage, if you fuel off-site or at service stations.
Boundary Planning and Redistricting

With the benefits of Lynx, transportation matters related to school closings, school openings, and changing programs are much easier for superintendents to handle. Lynx makes it possible to quickly analyze the impact of any proposed scenario. Such impact reports can include student counts, gender, grade, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background, to ensure diversity in your schools.

Not only can you complete daunting boundary planning and redistricting challenges using Lynx Transportation Solutions but you can also create unlimited scenarios to see how the changes will impact your Transportation Department.

The Lynx Consulting Team is also available to assist, if needed.  We are experts in student enrollment forecasting, school capacity usage, and impacts on transportation.

Unlike other options in student transportation management software, Lynx is NOT a difficult program that takes hours of training. Lynx does NOT involve waiting for endless maintenance routines to run, and it does NOT require rebooting due to frequent errors.

Reliable, with loads of features.

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