Lynx transportation software has advanced routing features

Lynx™ student transportation management software has advanced routing features that simplify every aspect of bus routing. Student names can be dragged and dropped into any bus route at any time. The adaptability built into Lynx software means you have the freedom to maneuver as needed. For example, an assigned student isn’t locked into a particular school or a particular bus stop. Bus stops and group stops can be assigned to any route countless times. Another advantage is that it is not necessary to create duplicate stops for each route or school.

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The Lynx Resource Scheduler

Lynx also offers the Lynx Resource Scheduler to help you make the most efficient use of your fleet.  With the Lynx Resource Scheduler, the user can see the duration of each route, the amount of slack time in between routes, the percentage of each day the bus is being utilized, and where efficiency can be improved.  Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. You can even overlay field trips in the Lynx Resource Scheduler to see which trips interfere with routes and which drivers’ schedules may work best for the trip!

More Benefits of Lynx Advanced Routing Features

The following are more of the software advantages provided by Lynx Advanced Routing Features:

  • If the user wants to get more in-depth, Lynx can specify each stop as a pick-up, drop off, transfer to, and transfer from stop all on the same route!
  • Lynx offers several optimization techniques to assist you with building efficient routes and reducing passenger ride time. Optimizations can be based on shortest distance or quickest time.
  • Set up multiple routes and transfer routes quickly by dropping student names into the routes. You can easily override addresses to include daycares, dual custody, etc.
  • Lynx gives you the option of using color-coded systems. For example, color code bus stops for easy communication with drivers. You decide whether you would like to use this feature, what colors you want to use, and what the colors will signify.  Some examples of what could be color-coded include special needs students, health alerts, wheelchair stops, daycares, and sexual predators.
  • Copying and reversing routes is very simple. You don’t have to spend hours creating a morning route only to spend more time creating the afternoon route.  In as few as three clicks you can copy a route, change your times, and begin printing driver directions.  Do you have one day of the week that the school runs on a different schedule, such as an early out or late start day? Lynx makes it easy to handle those routes, too!
  • With Lynx student transportation software, you can define hazardous areas and areas to avoid. You know where you want your buses to travel, which is why Lynx allows you to set the parameters.
  • Optimize routes for shortest time or shortest distance, with Lynx advanced routing features.
  • Overlay routes to reduce overlap and increase efficiency. Use over 20 different mapping sources to overlay you routes to check for efficiency!  Our maps include streets as well as landmarks, such as rivers and parks, to assist you in determining where you want to locate bus stops or prevent bus stops from being established.  We even include aerial maps!


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