Lynx™ Generates Critical Student Transportation Reports

When you need to retrieve the data you’ve entered into the Lynx Transportation Software program, it is readily available for reporting purposes. Lynx includes hundreds of ready-to-use student transportation department reports. Easily add the desired data to quickly create any type of report you may need for your student transportation department. Among the Lynx reports you can utilize are the following:

Student Reports
  • Student Information Page
    (Student lists can include medical concerns, vital information, student photos, etc.)
  • Student Bus Passes
  • Student Wristbands
  • Student Busing Information
  • Routing
  • Simple Stop Lists in a variety of formats
Route Records
  • Length of Routes and Ride Times
  • Bus Usage and Capacity
  • Types of Routes (Suburban, Urban, or Rural)
  • Route Miles
  • Accurate Route Maps, including Route Descriptions
  • Information on Needs of Special Education Students
  • Data Pertaining to Road Hazards, Road Conditions, etc.
Fleet Maintenance
  • Vehicle Depreciation
  • Open Work Orders
  • Inventory On-Hand
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Inspection Reports
  • Cost Per Bus
  • Scheduled Services Due Dates
Field Trips
  • Driver Trip Tickets
  • Dispatch Reports
  • Number of Completed Trips
  • Billing and Invoicing Reports
  • Instant MPG
  • Fuel Usage by Dates
  • Fuel Invoices for Off-Site Fueling
  • Labor
  • Parts
  • Inventory
  • Vehicles
  • Administrative
Organizational Records
  • Number of Employees
  • Wage Scales
Payroll Records
  • Absences, including their Causes
  • Years of Service
  • Current Wages

Accurate and detailed reporting is an important responsibility of student transportation departments, whichever of the 50 states you are in. Local administrators and school boards typically oversee student transportation operations, and they need a potentially wide range of accurate reports. Bus routes, investigation and reporting of transportation problems such as traffic accidents, and an overall summary of the student transportation system for evaluation are routinely needed. “Completing required transportation department reports” is a standard requirement of a transportation director.

Lynx Transportation Software offers the ability to quickly, easily, and accurately prepare reports for evaluations.

Informal reviews of a student transportation department by district personnel are routine. There are also formal evaluations by state agencies and private consultants. Periodic evaluations are typically done monthly, annually, and biannually. The following is the type of information needed for routine evaluation of a school’s student transportation system, and Lynx makes the data simple to retrieve:

  • Verification of compliance with student transportation rules, regulations, and laws
  • Auditing of program service efficiency
  • Monitoring operational economy
  • Improving the quality of service

Areas of a student transportation department that may be subject to evaluation include:

  • Routing procedure
  • Maintenance of vehicles and equipment
  • Financial obligations
  • Training of staff
  • Types of service provided
  • Quality of service
  • Classroom training of all students on safe school bus riding practices.

Lynx Does What Others Don’t

Why enter the data into a software program if you can’t get the data out when you need it for student transportation reports?  This is not an issue with Lynx!

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